About Carding

Declines And Validity Rates[Trigger Warning]

Alright so here is something that has been plaguing all carders for the past half a decade
I’m not sure if it is just these new age carders and fraudsters too ignorant to the evolving setups, overhead costs or too impatient for trial and error
so many people crying about their cards not working(many of which never tested or do not know how to test without burning the card itself) others which do not understand the reality of validity rates
with that aside the variables of carding only evolve but never change at a fundamental which is why there are new methods everyday and they take a bit of creativity it is not as simple as carding to gcs or electronics and cashing out like it was 10 years ago it takes a bit of hustle outside of it as well

●Merchant Risk Indicator (Delivery
●Timeframe, Re- DS Requestor Authentication
●Cardholder Account order, Pre-order, Gift Card)
●Information (Method), Challenge
●Indicator, ID, Initiated Indicator
●Cardholder Shipping Address P urchase Date & Time
●Information Account Age,
●Change, Password Change.
●DS Reference Number,
●SDK Reference Number, SDK Version
●Number of Transactions per Day
●Transaction ID
●Transaction ID
●Year, Shipping Name Indicator
●Suspicious Activity, Payment
●Purchase Amount, Currency, Date & Time
●Device Channel, Device Information, Rendering Options Account Age etc.
●IP address
●Transaction Type
●Merchant Country Code Cardholder Name
●Browser Java Enabled, Languoge,
●Screen Acaquirer BIN
●Color Depth, Height, Width
●3DS Requestor URL
●Acquirer1 Merchant ID_
●Cardholder Account ldentifier, Biling
●Card Expiry Date Browser User
●Merchant Name
●Recurring Expiry, Frequency
●Time Zone
●Recurring Expiry, Frequency
●Cardholder Account Number
●SDK App ID, SDK Encrypted Data
●Message Category, Type
●Message Category, Extension, Type,
●Ephemeral Public Key
●Address Match Indicator Browser
●Time Zone
●EMV Payment Token Indicator
●Browser Accept Headers Merchant Category
●Cardholder Email Address, Home
●Phone Number
●Mobile Phone Number, Work Phone Number
●Account Type 3DS Operator Server Reference D NUD.URIL
●Merchant Country 3DS Requestor Name,
●Non-payment Transaction ID.
●URL Installment Payment Data
●Purchase amount,currency Time and date
●screen brightness(in comparison to average brightness)
●Transunion,chexsystems,expiran database Reference for Address and phone number

These are all datapoints that are considered when a transaction is processing on or offline when carding you do not need to memorize these but consider them when applying your setup and making your transactions

You keep burning your cards because there is an error with one or multiple of these points(they do not all have to match as some increase the fraud score more than others) just consider this before you try to process the transaction

ASIDE from this those of you that do not have the patience for trial and error, money to invest until you have your own method in place(yes it takes a little creativity I among other post guides on here to try to help but this is constantly evolving and you need to figure out a method that works best for you) stop being cheap, stop being lazy and stop being impatient if you were selling drugs on the street you dont startout a kingpin if you could spend 500 and make 10K everyone on here would be rich it does take time it does take investment and it does take patience.

The more you invest the more you will make obviously and the longer it may take im not saying you cant double or triple your money because you can but you need to be patient, creative and go thru the process of trial and error. Stop crying to me and on here about your cards not working stop crying about the method not working and stop crying about the process if you cant take the heat get out the kitchen bro we didnt cry a decade ago on dream when we werent hitting we kept at it until we got it right if you are not willing to do this learn social engineering and hacking skills(this is how us as sellers get all this information to you and sell it) which still requires some tenacity

Hope this helps some and hope this weeds some of the sheep out