About Carding

Get The Most From Your Mobile Setup

So the ideal mobile setup whether you are doing carding or fraud should look a bit something like this I will also be guiding you on how to get the most out of your burner before you have to get rid of it

Ideal Devices: iphone XS or Newer/ Any Android device with E-Sim and NFC capability

E-Sim capability is important because it will allow you to add an additional number(at no cost for additional cards or profiles)

Make sure you cover your face with COVID mask and hat when purchasing in store

I recommend purchasing in store with cash as it leaves no trace as opposed to purchasing from a third party

You want to purchase an unlocked or straight talk device or unlocked device and purchase a straight talk sim which you will setup over public wifi and make sure the area code matches the one you intend to target

Mobile setups provide the highest success rates whether carding, opening up, applying for ccs loans, etc.


Whether it is multiple cards or profiles you want to go on over to cricket and apply for the free trial E-Sim make sure you enable data switching so the DNS’s remain separate(this is for an additional card or profile)

You can then make google voices for the respective numbers for any additional cards or profiles you may have so for first use you can use four different numbers on the device for four different cards or profiles

Of course you want to make emails prevalent to each profile or card as well

Once burned through change the number through straight talk(you can do this six times in one month) and repeat(you will not be able to get a free trial because of the device ID) so after you burn the first four and change the number you will only be able to add an additional google voice to your changed number

Meaning in total you can get 14 profiles and cards per month off of one device after this the device is more than likely blacklisted by all banking institutions and email service providers

I recommend getting 8 profiles/cvvs per device and then burning as they generally only last that long then dumping them on the street or feeding them to a body of water

This is not a guide on how to card or hit profiles just on how you should have your burner set up and how to max your profit off each burner you use