About Carding

How To Check A Cards Balance

Alright many of you are buying cards that claim to have a high balance(which doesn’t even make sense it should have a low balance alance and high limit for credit)

I will also talk about debit cards after

Aside from the point IF you want to check the balance of a card there are multiple ways to do this.

The first way to assume the credit limit on the card is to check the bin then lookup the max limit of the card although this is the lazy way and may not give you a correct answer.

The BEST WAY is to either

A. Use the fullz to run the credit report thru annualcredit or myfico slash free and it will show the last reported balance of the card and its max limit where you can then get an idea of what SHOULD be available on the card

B. Spoof the number on the account and call the cc company and input the card number where the automated system will give you the necessary information regarding the cards available credit

Those selling “high balance cards” are probably scamming you as nobody want a credit card with a high balance but a high limit. They don’t even know what they’re talking about and should avoid

NOW for debits

Debits you want to have a high balance as it reflects how much money is available in the targets bank account you can check this by spoofing the number and calling the issuing bank and inputting the card information although most banks have vpi e verification that will prevent you from accessing the account

You can also test the balance with free trials for software or apps if the free trial is for a week and then the price is $99.99 it will preauthorize and quickly refund it so you will know there is at least that much on the debit

Debit cards are much harder to verify the balance of and should be used with caution or by those with advanced carding skills

Hope this brings some clarity