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How To Check High Limit CCs

Alright here is a list of a few methods used to verify the balance and available credit for CREDIT CARDS nit debit cards

FIRST: Look for and Purchase a bin that is associated with high limit ccs high limit ccs in banking are defined as those with a minimum limit of $10,000 here are some examples 414709,376648-99,486742-99 I mean I can go on and on but you should look up high limit ccs and their respective bins for high limits

High limits are more secure and have a more sophisticated customer than regular ccs so using OTP bots on them or successfully bypassing the security measures can prove difficult although not impossible.

If adding to mobile wallet it will require some social engineering

Second: BUY a cvv with a fullz so you can either spoof the number of the Cardholder BUT the stealthier way to do this is to run the fullz thru annualcreditreport and then check the most recent balance and HIGHEST balance ever. This way you know if they responsibly use the card and keep the balance relatively low and what the most recent balance was so you can calculate the available credit

There is another method for debits I will post in the near future but this is for credit and the BEST method is to runn the fullz through a reporting agency when dealing with high limits so no red flags are raises by the banks when using a burner or spoofed number as many of them have the tech to unmask the real one.

Hope this helps

Happy Carding