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How to expand your business

In a business most important thing is getting a cashflow.Doesn’t matter if you sell crack or if you sell asmr animal sounds through phone calls.
When you’ve established a cash flow you can solve almost any problem you have,get orders in and then through the money you’ve accumulated the revenue WITHOUT investing a penny of your own money you can proceed to a supplier and get product which you will then sell to your clients.
You can invest tens of thousands of dollars in your product (doesn’t matter what it is) and it can still turn out a flop 0 orders, this way however if you get no orders or not enough you can simply just offer a refund thats worst case scenario.

Never look to make your product look too perfect, nothing is perfect even if you claim your product is perfect EVEN if it is customers will always find small nooks and crannies to complain about.

Always look to help your clients, the customer is always right well not really.What do i mean by this well for example if you see the product your selling for example you try to sell sunglasses to a person who is blind.Your client has no use for the product you’ve done nothing to help them even if they badly wanted to get sunglasses.

If you’re struggling for money and are looking for a new revenue stream ,trying to reach NEW clients well simply dont.Use the loyal customers you already have who purchase on a regular basis from you “Hey this is the last of my product looking to get rid of it to get a new round of it,i dont normally do this but since your a loyal customer id give it to you for (X ammount)” this is just an example it can go many other ways.

Carefully read and implement all of these tips and tricks ive given you and you will see massive growth and income increase in your business.
Best of luck.