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How to open a CREDIT CARD USA

How to open a credit card

How to open a Credit Card USA

There are many intermediary offices that allow you to open credit cards of various banks (city\bofa\amex\chase\cu, fcu, etc.)

Many banks and basically issue everything after registration immediately VCC-where the virtual card number is the real number from the physical card that will fly to your drop.

You can find the best offices by the bank’s affiliate programs, look below each bank or by Googling Bank + credit card+partners, etc. (it all depends on your imagination)

The manual is up-to-date, it’s just worth playing with numbers when Enrolle!

+a couple of small offices where you can open right now and where they issue vcc – Royal caribien\air france KLM\Orig credit card Bankofamerica bin 4400 (if you try with this bin, you can make transfers by an \rn)

The manual itself!

How to get a CREDIT CARD ?

How to get approved for a credit card

An example with bofa credit cards from the Alaska intermediary office (It still opens, but does not give VCC)

Fullz are needed with a high Credit Score from 700+ Mail and phone number from background report

Click on the link https://www.alaskaair.com/content/credit-card/visa-signature

Click Apply Now we are transferred to the site bankofamerica.com

Here we begin to fill out our application.


First Name Last name address phone number we take everything from Fullz info

The income is indicated by Total annual income * from $150,000 to $290000 in

Monthly housing payment * We specify the amount for the house from 2100 to 2900

We put a check mark and we are thrown further

, click Submit and he will give his verdict or he sends us a fuck screen


or approves


if Approved, then click Use card now

we will be thrown further see screen , we need to click on what is circled


a new link will open. We close it and click Continue

go to a new page here we put a check mark only at the top of the screen


click Continue look at the screen


and VCC gives us see screen


We write down the card number expiration date and ccv, otherwise we won’t be able to see it anymore