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How to start Refunding and Fraud

As it’s technically a basic refunding method, but the purpose of the post is to help new fraudsters get a starting fund. Fraud is expensive, that’s the honest truth. I lost a few thousand (but probably not more than $5 grand total) before I made any money, and that’s a common theme among anyone who actually HAS made money from fraud, we’ve all lost money before we made any. Failed experiments, falling for scams, fucking up at the last minute and losing the profit, and many other things make fraud a very costly career, and most people give up the first time they lose money. So, I want to help you new guys get a good starting base to fuck around with. Think of it as playing with house money, with the goal of becoming profitable before it’s all gone. Without further ado, let’s get into the exact method.

As mentioned above, this is a refunding method. It will only work a single time (per website and per address), but it is as close to a foolproof refund as you can get. The main store this works on (though I will list others at the end) is Amazon. It works for single items (and potentially for multiple if they’re delivered together, though I’ve never tried), and the limit is $10k. This isn’t ftid, or anything like that, I stay away from that in general. This particular method is EB, or empty box.

All you’re gonna do, is order whatever item you want. Once you order it and it gets delivered, you’re gonna contact Amazon, and let them know you received an empty box. Say it looks like the box may have been tampered with, exact method described later. Amazon will run an investigation, and ask you to file a police report. Have no fear, you actually can go ahead and file that report online or over the phone. Eventually, you’ll receive a call from an officer, and you’ll basically have to explain the situation to them. Repeat the story you gave amazon, and let them know that Amazon requires a police report to be in a closed/completed state. Generally be polite, and let them know you understand they aren’t actually going to be able to find out what happened, you’re just doing what amazon asked you to do.

Once that’s done, and it’s closed, go ahead and let amazon know. They’ll contact the department themselves, and verify the report was filed and is in a completed/closed state. Once they have done that, they will contact you to let you know the refund is being processed.

The next three paragraphs will be the exact EB method, the rationale behind Amazon asking you to file a pr, and how to pick the item to refund, in that order.

For the exact method, what you wanna do is take a box opener, and cut the bottom of the box open. Then reseal it with a different colored tape. Take a picture of it, then open the box normally. Take the item out, and take a picture of the empty box. I know this sounds simple and dumb, but the amazon reps who approve the refund in India, so this type of super basic social engineering is actually highly effective on them. A lot of that is largely optional, simply telling them you got an empty box should be enough to trigger the PR for refund clause, but if you want to be extra sure, you can do everything I just mentioned.

Amazon is a massive company, and issues with deliveries are relatively common. Refunding a single customer isn’t a big deal, and won’t harm their margins much. The key for amazon is finding out the serial refunders, people who “rape” the store. Those people are the ones amazon looks for and tries to prevent, which is the police reports purpose. If you file one police report, nothing happens, they’re understanding, and their representatives are instructed to refund you. If you file 2, that looks highly suspicious, and it’s a great way to get in trouble. TLDR, Amazon asks you to file a PR because they’re cool with refunding you once, but they want to weed out and make examples of people who try to abuse that system. Just file one, don’t do it again, and you’ll be ok. Source: Me and everyone I know who’s done this for years.

I recommend doing some research on items with high resale value before doing this. I won’t give you any advice, but you should be able to find a few items that are very expensive and resale for 80%+ of the sale price. Go on marketeplace, craigslist, swappa, ebay, etc and see what items sell for what price. Use forums like reddit to find good items to resell, then pull the trigger and do it.

Other stores this works on: Dell and JC Penney. A whole host of other ones as well, but I can’t tell you everything. If you are going to do multiple police reports, make sure to only do one per store, and one per police department. For example, if you do a pr refund on amazon in County X, do a refund on Dell in county Y. If you go to another state bonus points, but you should be good even going a county over. Don’t do this too much, but cops in different departments don’t communicate shit like this in general, so you should be good.

Bonus: For the broke noobs, credit is key. Get access to credit, turn it into cash using paypal/square/cashapp (essentially send yourself money using the credit, then withdraw funds to bank acc). Then use the credit on a foolproof refund like this, and suddenly you go from $0 in the bank to thousands. If anyone wants, I can post a guide to getting approved for high limit credit cards with your own personal real credit, to maximize your refunding and therefore starting capital potential.

Hope this helps some of you guys out there with no money to start.

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