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Personal Loan Method


This is my own bootleg way to get approved for personal loans up to $10k. I’m not claiming it’s unique, but I will claim that I don’t know anyone else who’s done this in this particular way. Also, please don’t read this, and expect to copy and paste every step and expect everything to work perfectly. It might, but it probably won’t. Fraud is kind of like a puzzle, except the pieces don’t really fit together super well, so you have to jiggle them around and try different angles to stick pieces together. What I mean by that is something usually goes wrong when you attempt shit like this, but if you are quick on your feet, good at social engineering, and you have all the necessary info, it’s usually something you can deal with. But again, if you expect to read this and be able to qualify for every single loan you want under a fullz and never fail, you’re going to be disappointment.

Prerequisites for Personal Loans:

1. Fullz with a good credit score (700 min)
2. Docs with accurate info for fullz, usually id and proof of income (photoshoped/pdf edited paystubs or bank statements are usually used).
3. A bank drop (Will expand upon in the next section)
4. A cash out plan (usually the easy part)

General Personal Loan Method:

The general method for getting personal loans goes something like this; get a fullz and all relevant info (check credit score, dl info, cr and bg, annual income, employment), get docs under their info (dl and proof of income, like photoshopping a bank statement) and a bank drop under their name. Apply for a personal loan from basically any major loan provider, and fill in al the information they ask based on your fullz info. If you don’t have the info, find it or make it up and pray. Manually (using the acc and routing #s) connect the drop to the loan providers website (using plaid allows them to scan the transactions and balance, which you probably don’t want). They’ll ask for proof of identity (dl front and back) and proof of income if you link manually (bank statement/paystub). Edit and submit those docs based on the fullz info. Receive loan and cash out.

While this is technically possible, I have personally found it to be super inconsistent. I’ve gotten it to work a few times, but only for loans under $5k, and my biggest problem for the most part was getting a bank drop to receive a loan consistently. Those things are fucking hard to open, I have to be honest. But, I have found an alternate version of the above method that has worked for me at least semi-consistently, which in Fraud is pretty damn good. This is the method I personally have made the most money overall from, and I hope that some of you will eventually be able to say the same.

My Updated Personal Loan Method:

Generally, you’re gonna follow all of the steps above, except with the bank drop and proof of income portion. Instead of using whatever regular bank you got usually use, you’re gonna open a square bank drop (bonus if you have them ship the debit card, but that isn’t actually necessary). I specify a square for a two reasons, they’re a payment processor as well as a bank drop, and they’re super easy to open and verify if you follow the steps above. In this method, you won’t be faking proof of income docs based on the real fullz annual income and employment that you looked up. Instead, when asked about how you make money on the loan application, you’re gonna hit self employed. This is because square is a really cool payment processor, in that it will always allow you to cash out visa gift cards to your square account.

Basically, what you do is age the drop for a few months. Pick a range for the number you want the loan website to think you make annually, aim for it to be about 10x the loan you plan to apply for (for a 5k loan, you’d want at least 50k annually, for example. Then divide that number by 12 (for monthly income), and deposit in smaller transactions with visa gift cards enough money to get slightly above or below that amount. Do that for 2-3 months, and then apply for the loan. This takes longer, but it makes it way easier to get approved for a loan. Provided your fullz has good credit, and your dl has all of the correct info on it that they could verify (and isn’t a shit scan lol), the proof of income that is completely verifiable and provable to the point that you could connect your drop with plaid is enough to qualify you for a solid personal loan.

This is basically sending yourself money and paying square and visa like 5% in fees to do it, but the end result is it creates a verifiable income you can show lenders.

Cash Out:

The fun and easy part. Square has a vcc that you can use to slowly cash out to crypto via localmonero or similar websites, that allow you to purchase crypto without kyc. Alternatively, you could just verify a kyc crypto acc under your fullz, connect the debit to that, and cash out that way. If you choose to go the second route, I recommend crypto (dot) com, their verification is a joke. The key here is to go slow and steady on the cashout, it might take a month or two.


Happy New Years!