About Carding

Surf DarkWeb Safely!!

1) Don’t be the only person using Tor on a monitored network at a given time.

2) Use a bridge

3) Don’t admit to anything. Demand a lawyer no matter what the case may be. ONLY YOUR LAWYER CAN NEGOTIATE DEALS, NOT YOU.

4) Be careful from correlation attacks. Example: saying something along the lines like “I’m part of x, y and b group”. Easier to pinpoint you.

5) Don’t give personal information. Keep your mouth shut and don’t tell any one which of the world you live in, what you like to watch, etc.

6) Use Tor consistently. Don’t use Tor to log on to a darknet forum but then logging in to your e-mail account which you use to e-mail illegal activists from Google Chrome.

7) Don’t mess with sites, hosting or anything that is involved with Child Pornography or jailbait. Anonymous and LE are both always targeting CP hosters. Plus you are a piece of shit if those are your intentions!

8) Update, upgrade and update. Always use the latest versions of any and all softwares. You don’t want to be a victim of the a patched vulnerability.

9) Keep your online identities different. A different username for clearnet and a different name for darknet.

10) Following the money. Always use BTC mixers and launder your illegal money.

11) Never download anything through Tor browser, if you do do it offline.

12) Only buy product, cards, dumps and other tools like RDP from high quality sources.