1. By registering and using the CRDSTORE, you indicate that you have read and accept these Terms and agree to abide by and be bound by all such Terms.
2. We only sell Valid Cards , Fullz Info , Accounts , Documents
3. As a long time player with vast reputation and rating on all carding communities we are not providing any free tests.
4. Wallet balance in shop can only be spent, there is no money back, only refunds of current purchases. Competently plan how much money you are willing to spend.
5. Creating clone-accounts, attempting to hack, cheat or abuse the shop will lead to an immediate ban.
6. Please save all details ( Cards or Fullz ) on your own Hard Disk – we periodically delete old bases.

Replacement & Refund:
1. We do not guarantee success cashout, we are not responsible for what you do with the card.
2. We do not guarantee balance card and AVS (billing match not guarantee)
3. We don’t do any consulting or training on what to enter, remember we are selling stuff, not teaching how to do it
4. We can refuse any kind of service without giving the reason.
5. Selling stuff by one hand
6. Deposits are non-refundable
7. Cards was checked for VALID at our private checker or luxchecker (We can provide screenshots if you need)
8. Replacement the Account IF username:password is invalid or isn’t as described.
– If you see Security Question/Verify Your Identity/Phone request ( OTP ) – THIS ACCOUNT VALID!
– Guarantee time for account from 2 hours to 6 hours (depending on the account).
9. Replacing Fullz info in case of:
– Invalid SSN DOB, Address
– No SSNDOB, Address, First / Last name. We try to minimize such cases. But if such Full Info comes across then we replace it without problems.
– Replacement is made by returning the amount in Wallet balance.
10. Fullz info is not refund
– It did not work to get a loan in Paypal or another service
– The holder already has a registered account in Paypal / Bank account / …
– The address is written as PO BOX
– Missing phone number or email address.

1. All payments can only be made via Bitcoin – Litecoin – Dash, “NO REFUND” after the payment is loaded successfully and marked as “Completed”
2. After sending the payment, the status of your order will automatically be changed to “Processing” and you will receive an email notification from us after 1 confirmation in the cryptocurrency system.
3. Bitcoin – Litecoin – Dash confirm could take from 5 minutes to 2 hours. We have no control over bitcoin/litecoin/dash systems , so you need to wait.
4. Cryptocurrency payment gateway fee 3% & please send the correct amount (excluding network fees)

1. System don’t save any log of your connection.
2. System encrypted you information data, but you don’t put sensitive data in site.
3. Orders history was remove every month