About Carding

Why your ID scans are (maybe) getting denied

To preface, the level of scrutiny on your scan depends on how much $ is at risk for the verifying entity. If you are just creating a paypal or cashapp or something, the following might not apply. For things like opening bank accounts, financing iphones under fullz (10% downpayment only), getting a personal loan, applying for a cc, etc, the following likely does apply.

Ok, let’s get into it. Basically, big companies verify your drivers license scan first by looking at it and scanning the barcode, like everyone. But then, they type in your DL# into a database and run a search. This brings up a good amount of info about your DL they have in their system, which they then compare to your DL, and if any of it doesn’t match, they will most likely be unable to verify your identity. The info they compare includes any of and possibly all of the following: Name, DL# (obviously lol) address, dob, issue and expiration date, class, and sex.

I do not believe this to be true, but I feel obligated to mention it. One company did tell me they are able to compare height, weight, hair and eye color as well, as they claimed to have that info come up with their system when they ran a DL # (this was best buy). I don’t know if I actually believe that, but I felt I should include it anyways, so whoever reads this is forewarned of the possibility.

The main thing that NO company can verify is the photo on the DL, as that would require access to the Department of Motor Vehicles databases they don’t have. The only people who can verify a DL photo are gov organizations, so don’t use a fake ID on a cop.

Now, how can you make sure all the info on your id matches what’s in their system? Simple! Our SSN SearchDL Search has all of the search/lookup functions you can preform on your fullz to pull all of this information. Once you have all of the necessary info (which again, depends on the level of scrutiny which is usually determined by how much $ is at stake), you can head over to our Fake Documents Services and send the info in a DL for like $30.

*For service from us, we specially make DL with a readable barcode