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Need fake documents? – We will do it FAST

A company, store or other organization has asked you for proof of identity, but you don’t have documents?

Do you need to unblock your account and go through the KYC process?

Just send us your info (Full name/Address or DOB/DL/Photo…) and we will drawing the best possible documents

* We will contact you for info once your payment is complete

With years of experience in account verification and KYC compliance for major services such as Skrill, Paypal limited, Neteller, gambling sites and crypto platforms,etc…
CRDSTORE is proud to be one of the best service for redrawing document scans and help in passing KYC.

Working for the customer’s profit” – We are always meticulous in our work and attentive to our customers.
We take our business seriously, selling only once, selling discreetly, and prioritizing quality (High quality, holographic original film on both sides,Barcode, microtext, security elements)

We provide the following documents:

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • ID Card + Driver License (DL)
  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill + Housing and communal services receipts
  • Passport ( in the presence of more than 40 countries, the range is constantly replenished )
  • Selfie + Docs
  • Bank Card ( CC )
  • And more upon your request

Passport: USA,Australia,Austria,Azerbaijan,England,Armenia,Africa,Belarus,Belgium,Bulgaria,Brazil,Hungary,Germany,Holland,Greece,Georgia,Denmark,India,Israel,
Ukraine,Finland,France,Croatia,Czech Republic,Switzerland,Estonia,Japan.
Utility Bill: USA,Australia,Austria,England,Holland,Denmark,Ireland,Spain,Canada(Ontario),Latvia,Lithuania,Poland,France,Czech Republic,Estonia,Germany,Italy
Driver License: USA,England,Spain,Germany,Italy
ID Card: Austria,Holland,Ireland,Spain,France,Germany,Italy

Advantages of working with us:

  • We execute the work on real plastic cards
  • Adherence to all quality standards
  • Fast rendering and production
  • Templates of the latest releases
  • Discounts for regular and wholesale clients
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Documents available from over 40 countries

– 90% of our documents pass verification on any website. We understand how most of the sites analyze documents and know every detail. We create the perfect documents for each client. Printing, laminating and making photo with metadata for person’s location

– We will give a flawless drawing, but we cannot be responsible for your actions with it.You must understand that many factors affect the result, therefore we cannot give you a 100% guarantee. According to statistics, the chance that our document will sucessful pass your verification is not less than 90%

– The completed work is provided to you in the form that you wish (printing, lamination, photo, scan in a cleaned form), which guarantees high passability, since in fact there will be no traces of editing!

– Scans of real people, not used, were not freely available. Selling strictly in one hand

– We work on full-prepaid basis because we are confident in the quality of our work and are always do our best, if we made a mistake somewhere. Please do not disturb support if you are not ready to pay for your order

CRDSTORE offers 10% discount for orders over $200.

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